Specwall is an advanced panel partition system designed to replace studwork, plasterboard and blockwork walls. The panels are constructed of a fibre cement board facing with an interior composite core that delivers superior specification in all areas. With Specwall, construction is significantly accelerated, resulting in shorter project cycles and lower labour costs.

The advanced technology and engineering that has been applied to develop Specwall makes it suitable for almost every sector of the construction industry, but particularly for partition walls within both single and multi-storey developments. Specwall offers clear advantages to all parties including clients, developers and contractors alike.

The panel system has been successfully installed internationally on high profile developments in Dubai and Australia.  Further information on these projects can be found within the case studies page on our site.

We are also able to offer a full turnkey package of services from design to supply, installation and MEP channelling.  For further details please contact us directly.



Despite the lightweight construction, Specwall is extremely strong. The system can bear heavy attachments and loads. The system complies fully with BS5423/2:1992.


Building with Specwall contributes to rapid installation and a reduction in manpower. Economical large format panels and a ready-finished surface mean walls do not need to be plastered. This ensure much shorter construction cycles.


The overall advantages of our panel system translate into direct cost reduction over and above the inherent savings that are achieved from a reduction in construction times. This includes a reduction of plastering/wet trades, reduction in waste – typically down to 3% and reduced labour related costs.


Specwall is characterised by its superior thermal properties. The core acts as an air and vapour barrier which allows temperatures to be maintained for longer periods above or below ambient temperatures. The product contributes hugely to ensure an airtight, energy efficient building providing greater comfort and savings in heating and cooling costs.


Specwall is a non-combustible product and is fully compliant with current UK Regulations. As an example, our 100mm panel provides a 4-hour fire resistance level.


Specwall has been specifically engineered to dampen sound between rooms and corridors. We achieve between 45 & 65DB depending on panel thickness.


One of the greatest advantages of Specwall is the elimination of the conventional plastering process, which can be time consuming and expensive.

Once panels are taped and jointed post erection, they are ready to receive a paint finish. Specwall is also able to take additional finishes such as wallpaper, stone, wood and ceramics.


Specwall can be easily cut and chased to accommodate plumbing or electrical installs and the patching process is simple and quick.  We are able to offer this as an additional service or provide technical guidance for MEP installation teams.


All testing of Specwall has been conducted in accordance with British Standards and UKAS guidelines. We are also currently awaiting final LABC and NHBC Modern Method of Construction (MMC) approval. For additional information please visit our Technical Data page where you will find further product details and frequently asked questions which may assist.



Please refer to our technical submissions for full data and test reports.