Technical FAQs

Is Specwall Fire Resistant?

Yes, Specwall has been certified by BM Trada and LABC as being non combustible with  3 to 4 hour resistance level.  Also, no toxic fumes are released when Specwall is exposed to fire.

What is the weight of a single 3m high panel?

As a guide, our 100mm panels weighs approx. 80kg.

What is the pull out load for fixtures and fittings?

For our 100mm panel, the pull out load for fixtures is 4kn (400kgs).

What is the panel density?

This varies dependant on panel thickness between 500 kg/m3 and 600 kg/m3.

Shear Strength?

Shear strength of the panel is applicable on fixtures such as air conditioners and any other wall mounting.  The panels are capable of sustaining a shear load of up to 7.4kn (740kgs).

Can damages during installation be easily repaired?

Yes, panels can be easily patch repaired before final finishing work